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Automatic Fresh flake processing line Potato Flake Production Line
Issue Time:2019-07-01

Product Application

Product Application

TCA Potato cassava chips machine cassava chipper machine Best Seller in China is a complete line from washing peeling to the seasoning and packing. 


1) process:
Raw material→washing→peeling→picking line→cutting→washing→blanching→drying→frying→seasoning→checking→packing
2)Output capacity 

It is 4:1 for fresh potato and finished potato chips. 4:1 or 3:1
And our output capacity for potato chips is 100,150,200,300,500kg/h.
4)fresh potato chips requirement
For fresh potato or cassava or banana or yam 
Chips: it is about1.5- 2mm; size and thickness is in uniform, surface is smooth